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Halloween and Autumn Fun

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Tomorrow Sunday, there is a Rhody Kids Expo. This event is a RI kids Halloween indoor dressup and trick or treat at the booths. There will be vendors with a variety of options. There will be performances from some children. & more - Here is the link

I am the publisher for Macaroni Kid Washington County of southern RI. I will be at the event with a table and Emergen-C KIDZ to give away.

Wed the 27th is the Halloween Fun Time hosted at the schoolhouse. I encourage you to share the link for our event online for others to also participate and enjoy.

Autumn Crafts Wed the 3rd, Candle Making Thurs the 4th

There is a group discussion in mobile app. Let me know if you are unable to get to our discussion group.

Ill post a nature walk day soon, and Tea Time too.

Classes coming very soon;

8th to 11th grade, novel and discussion plus essay on Anthem (more details later)

Autumn, why do leaves change? With identification etc.

Baking, pumpkin pie and a muffin

Winter indoor herbs. Keeping some herbs inside and what can we use them for.

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